Arrifana beach

Let me tell you about a piece of heaven on earth, which is well protected and which bears its greatest gift in the sea. Conveniently located on the west coast of the Algarve and sheltered by an imposing cliff, Arrifana beach is undeniably an idyllic setting for any lover of waves or simple appreciator of the wonders of nature. The environment around this small cove is unique and reminds us of bygone times when surfing was a purer form of freedom, unity and celebration with nature.

Today, the experience of riding the waves is easily accessible thanks to the many surfing schools, but the essential foundations should focus on mutual respect in the water and leaving nothing but one’s footprints on the sand. The long and winding descent is intimidating to start with, but thankfully in the summer months jeeps transport visitors up to the ruins of the old fortress, to make for a more pleasant day out.

This moon-shaped beach takes on a very different appearance depending on the tide, either showing of a vast sandy beach or restricted to the dark rock faces. At low tide the conditions are ideal, with no risk of a stone base. For all these reasons and lots more, it is a beach that is well worth a visit.

I leave you two pictures of my last summer holidays, but I strongly recommend that you take a look at:

Enjoy the waves!

Bruno Almeida

Philos team