Tens of millions of words translated every year for the leading global players in different business sectors show the trust that is placed in the quality of our work.
From a simple business contract to the most complex project.

High level of quality and cost effectiveness

  • Native translators with translation degrees and extensive background in specialised fields.
  • Quality Assurance: independent review step included in the translation base rate.
  • The most advanced technology in CAT and Terminology Tools.
  • Linguistic Style Guides and philos proprietary Terminology DB.
  • Comprehensive Terminology & Language Consultancy Services.
  • Ongoing and project specific Terminology and IT Training.

Strong focus on

  • High quality standards.
  • Strict deadline compliance.
  • Comprehensive QA procedures.
  • Ethics and confidentiality rule.
Our projects in a wide range of fields include high profile industry leaders. Because in the global world it is important to have

the right word in the right place!