1. Sacristia da igreja matriz de Escalhão

At a time when we have the feeling that books are no longer seen as the source of wisdom that they really are, unique and irreplaceable life companions, we want to leave you with the words of someone who so masterfully defines them:

A book is an enigma like the pyramids of Egypt.
It’s a laboratory under combustion.
An emergency exit.
A relief club for castaways.
An intercom between silences.
A flamethrower.
A forest shelter.
One more rail ahead.

José Tolentino de Mendonça (in Revista Expresso 2328)

Priest, distinguished author of essays and poetry, vice-rector of the Catholic University in Lisbon and consultant for the Pontifical Council for Culture. He is, at present, Archivist of the Vatican Secret Archives and Librarian of the Vatican Library.