Philos attended the Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA) conference that was held this year in Munich from 24 to 27 March, a major event in the localisation business world.


From the many talented speakers we were happy to listen to, a general conclusion was that challenges in our business are not so different from those faced nowadays by any sector affected by the growing technological developments. The localisation industry has been one of the first to get familiar with modern technology, and with the IT technology in particular, therefore, we are certainly one of the best prepared today to meet the future.


Localisation involves contingent matters such as client and/or business own terminology, specific language styles adapted to document purposes and also a whole set of procedures and tools from the moment of reception to quality control and delivery, all of them benefiting from new tools developed by high-end technology, yet not disregarding the importance of clients’ loyalty.

Philos is proud to be the preferred supplier of key global localization players for over 20 years. Clients’ loyalty to the localisation supplier continues to be a key factor in building up a reliable relationship that can result in excellent, cost-effective services.

Vitor Silva

Philos Team