Hello humans! You know I’m a modest guy, but let me think you still remember me, some of you at least!
Well, don’t ask why I have been absent for so long.
That’s easy, you just look at the endless millions of interactions dogs from all over the world are entertaining now on the Internet social media!
There are dogs and puppies in every colour and shape, from every race and distant countries, talking so much and in so many languages that I hardly guessed we could live in such a noisy world!
Don’t take me wrong, the truth is I’m a bit shy, and a dozen years ago, when I started interacting with you, it was only me and you… but now, all I can tell you is that I’m really very proud that so many have followed my steps, that’s for sure!
But the real reason that brought me here today is that I know you humans have been through some hard times in these latest two years.
Well, this is the beginning of a New Year, I’m here to bring you Health and Fortune!
Believe me, the world would be a harsher place to live without you, so thank you for never giving up!

Dom Biralbo da Porta do Olival