It was on 28 April 2018 that I completed my biggest running challenge to date: 85 km (yes, all in one race!) on the beautiful island of Madeira.

MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) is part of the international Ultra-Trail World Tour, which meant that the level of difficulty would be high and there would be athletes of many nationalities.
And it didn’t disappoint in any way!
The atmosphere was spectacular, the landscapes fabulous and the views were breathtaking.
Like any other ultra-long race, the head is always in charge and the body just has to obey. That’s how a long race is managed, with great control of the various emotions that rise to the fore over long hours of resistance.

The whole “trip” was dazzling, but the natural beauty of the frightening crossing from the Pico Ruivo mountain to Pico de Areeiro mountain will remain forever in my memory!

Not to be missed, even for hikers who visit the island because, like other walking routes, this crossing of about 7 km is marked and will certainly provide great emotions to all who dare to travel it.

And, at the end, the emotions are unforgettable.😊

Raquel Andrade

philos team