Anyone who knows me knows I love running!
More than just exercise or a fashionable sport, it’s a whole lifestyle choice for me as I set myself new challenges and I get to know other people who share this healthy vice of mine.

Runners feel a real satisfaction at getting to end of a training session, alone or with friends, setting a new personal best, receiving those trainers, passing the finishing tape and sometimes, with a bit of luck, stepping onto the podium!

It was four years ago that I first took to road running, afraid I wouldn’t be able to cope with the vagaries of so many natural elements such as heat, cold, wind, rain, uneven ground and so on. “And what if I get exhausted and haven’t got the strength to return?” I fretted.

Today, I can’t bring myself to run on a treadmill in a gymnasium surrounded by all that comfort!

It’s impossible to enjoy a run without feeling what nature has to offer us.

And the great passion arose precisely on the trails, through the mountains, which turned me into an addict with their unparalleled beauty, with the unexpected lurking every step of the way, and which makes me constantly go back for more.

The effort expended to reach the top of the mountain is more than offset by the vastness of the fantastic landscapes that embellish every corner of Portugal.

Who wouldn’t do everything to have this nature under your feet?

I promise to return with more detailed stories of my many adventures!

Because at the end of the day, you’ve got more to lose by staying at home 🙂

Raquel Andrade

Equipa philos