In the final days of May we faced up to probably one of our most demanding projects of the year thus far. An extremely tight deadline tested a multi-skilled team – located in different time zones – to the limit, with everyone working towards a common goal: putting the right word, in the right place. In addition to the deadline, the challenge posed by the broad-ranging content forced redoubled efforts in the articulation among the various people involved in the translation process. An e-commerce platform hosting a catalogue containing millions of articles of different kinds and specialist areas called for a meticulous process of resource selection, management and quality control.

Service: Translation + Revision

Volume: 302,072 words

Languages: English to Brazilian Portuguese

Delivery deadline: 3.5 weeks

Team involved: 12 people (translators, proof-readers,
project managers and quality managers)

Assessment: Positive

It always is gratifying when, much later down the line, and after all the quality assurance tasks have been successfully carried out, we receive feedback that emphasises our client’s total satisfaction:
I wanted to thank you again for your hard work and dedication.

We did nothing that we don’t usually do.

At the end of the day, this is our commitment, our mission.

Mission accomplished!