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In a few days we will be waving goodbye to 2009. This time, I believe quite happy to see the back of it. The profound worldwide crisis we are still going through has left few of us indifferent or unscathed. The number of companies that are still closing down and/or are adding millions more to the galloping unemployment figures we have witnessed in recente years is a worrying factor that most of the world’s governments seem unable to solve. In contrast, the way they are devising “outlets from the crisis” seems to point towards a world that has learned little or nothing from its calamitous recente failings and witch is happily preparing to go down the same road until the next abyss – which could be tragic and definitive.

The Copenhagen conference that is taking place as I write these lines intends to point new and urgent ways and seems to be a vestige of hope. Is it? The world must realize the complex situation it is faced with and that the time to change things is running out.

If we stay sitting down waiting for a solution to come solely from those who hold power, we run the risk of waking up too late. It is up to each individual to come up with the solutions that will take us out of a crisis that is not only economic and financial, but witch is above all a crisis of mentalities.

We are left to hope that 2010 will really be a NEW year!

Text by Sílvio Oliveira
Translated by Thomas Kundert
Published in December 2009
Magazinephilos nº 32